Insect-machine hybrid system

The insect has an ability to behave in accordance with a ceaselessly changing environments, and adaptability is a necessary attribute in robotics. To evaluate the adaptability of the inset brain, we have been developing an "insect-machine hybrid system" in which the insect or an isolated insect brain controls a robot or a machine. By comparison between the hybrid system and an insect-brain model-based system, we can improve the insect-brain model, and finally we could completely understand the inset-brain if the model-based system shows the same adaptability as the hybrid system.

The insect-controlled robot

An insect-controlled robot, integrating an insect and a robot, was developed to investigate the capability of insects to adapt to perturbations. A silkmoth controls the robot by walking on the ball. Perturbations can be induced by manipulating the transmission between the silkmoth movements and robot movements. The silkmoth can control the robot normally even in the presence of perturbations.

The insect-brain-controlled robot

The odor-seeking robot based on an insect

Collision-avoidance system based on an insect

The insect's processing of visual information and following behavior are fast, simple and robust, which could be applicable for engineering. To establish an behavioral model of insect's collision avoidance system, we are analyzing bumblebee's behavior: changes of yaw torque and wingbeat frequency in response to looming stimuli. Based on the behavioral analysis, we make a model and evaluate it using a mobile robot.

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