Neural networks are responsible for the modification of informationprocessing and motor control in response to variable conditions, experience and environment.
We aim to elucidate the general mechanism of these neural networks and to apply it to engineering, medical treatment and agriculture.
Especially, in order to clarify the plasticity of an organism and the mechanism of adaptation to the environment as well as the mechanism of emergence of an intelligent behavior, we discuss the sensory fusion, learning and memory and the mechanism of feeling from an engineering's and biological point of view.
On the other hand, by developing an intelligent information processing system and a silicon neural network based on real information processing organism, we clarify the structure and mechanism of information treatment of an organism.
In order to reach our goals, we hierarchically and synthetically analyze neural networks of organisms such as cell cultures, insects, Aplysia, and rats, by studying all levels (gene, single cell, neural network and behavior).

Research Interest
From the minute brain to the bio-mechanic system
Research Group (in Japanese)
1) Supercomputer Team
2) Insect Brain Neuron Network Team
3) Gene Engineering Team
4) Insect-Machine Hybrid Team
4) Plasticity (Rat's brain, cell cultures)


Collaboration (in Japanese)

Projects (in Japanese)