Kanzaki-Takahashi Laboratory, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, the University of Tokyo


Workshop on Insect Neurophysiology for High School Teachers    
    3rd Kanagawa Biology Education Wrokshop Report
    We organize workshops on about receptors, brains, and behaviors in insects for high school
    teachers to improve their ability in this field.

Science School for Young Students
    JSPS Supported Science School Report
    We organize science classes on about receptors, brain, and behaviors in insects for young students
    to show our research and induce interest in science.
    Hearing-impaired persons are welcom to particitape in the class.

Student Recruiment for 2010  ★Poster for recuit students in 2010★
    If your are interested in Braiin, Insect, Cyborg, Robot and/or Supercomputer, join our laboratory!!

Published Book
   "Exploring the World of Insect Brain using Robot: Challeng to Reveal the Mystery of
    Insect Olfaction Shown by Fabre
    Selected book of Japan Library Association
    Our research history about the insect sensor, brain, behavior and robotics are clearly descrived.
    Intoduced by Nikkei Science

Invertebrate Brain Platform
Database of sensor, brain and behaivor of invertebrate, especially insec for purpose of research,
    education and indastorial application. Collaborating with RIKEN, the project is going forward with
    the Next Generation Supercomputer Project. The database is also developed with collaboration with
    high school teachers and museum curators.

Papers and Presentation Books ■ Press Shows
    We publish our research work on general science books and journals for every body as well as
    science journals for specialists. We also organize lecture courses and experiment classes for
     high school teachers, students and young students including elementray school children.

■ Prof. kanzaki delives a keynote lecture at the Neuroinformatics 2010 held in
  Kobe, Japan.

Selected book of Japan Library Association

Science Class"Hirameki-Tokimeki Science in 2009"supproted by JSPS
Lecture and experiments were done focused on insect olfaction and behavior. Hearing-impaired students were welcom to particitape in the class.


☆RESEARCH/Research Interest
Integrated System

-Understanding and Reconstruction of Adaptability of Animals-
-Insect Based Robot-
Next Generation SuperCompure Project:
-Whole Brain Olfactory Network Simulation in Insects-
Learning and Brain

-from Cultured Cell to Neurorehabilitation-
Insect-Robot Hybird System for Understanding the Adaptabilty

Displayed at the National museum of emerging science and innovation
Whole Brain Olfactory Network Simulation in Insects

Neural activity of the premotor center, LAL is realistically reconstructed and the simulated by the RICC Supercomputer in RIKEN
Neural Representation of Learning in Rat Auditory Cortex

Fear and reword conditioning applied to investigate the neural representation of learning in rat auditory cortex
Robot Controlled by Brain Signals of Insect

Displayed at the Shanhai World Exposition 2010 and at the Kashira Insect Musium
in vivo Neurons in Insect Brain

Morphologically and Physiologically Identified Neurons in the Insect Brain
Cultured Neurons

Development of Neurocomputer Chip Using Cultured Neurons of a Rat Brain
Insect Based Robot

Odor-Source Searchng Robot Based on the Neural Mechanisms of the Insect
Visualization of Neurons in vivo Brain

Cell bodies of Individual Neuorns are visualized using Differential Interference Contrast Microscope
Multi Electrodes Array

Development of Neural Networks of Cultured Neurons on Miltiarray Electods
Obstacle Avoidance Robot

The robot showing avaidance behavior based on the visusal mechanisms of insect: Nissan-BM23C(Collaborating with Nissan Car Company)
Imaging Techniques

Spatial and temporal processing by neuron networks is investignated by Ca-Imaging applied to the Insct Brain
Genetical Manpulation of Neurons

Genetical manipulation of brain neurons of a silkmoth. This manipulation will lead to modification of function of sensors and neural network.
Micro-Telemetry System

In order to understand flight mechanisms of insect, using small and light micor-telemetry system, flight muscle acivity is recorded during free flight.
Neuron Database of Silkmoth Brain

Morphological and physiological properties of indivudual neuorns of the silkmoth brian are registered inoto the neuron database. Using hte database realistic neuron network model is investigated and the function of the network is simulated.
Insect Based Olfactory Sonsor

Olfactory receptor proteins are expressed on cultured cells, which are arraied on the microchamber. The activity of the cells responded to odorants is spatio-temporally anayized.